“Mai Te Pora” – created by Gods

In the ancient times this island was called “Mai Te Pora” – created by Gods. Its modern name is Bora Bora and it’s one of the South Pacific most famous gems. Whoever created it though should be held accountable for the crime against humanity: once you’ve seen Bora Bora you are unable to admire anything else as nothing can be compared to its stunning beauty.

A large coral reef with motu – small islands – surrounds Bora Bora as a strand of pearls. Between the main land and coral reef lies the shallow lagoon of indescribable shades of blue with water so clear you feel like you are swimming in the mid-air. Mount Otumanu towers majestically over the main island as a medieval castle. It is the long loved capital of honeymooners, celebrities and celebrities on honeymoon. If you want something out of the ordinary for your wedding day or something romantic for your anniversary or just want to impress somebody special – Nature here is on your side as a set artist and stage manager and it will not disappoint you.

If you never stayed in over-water bungalow before, Bora Bora is the perfect place to try. You can jump into the turquoise sunlit water right out of your private deck and join the sea turtles race and manta ray’s ballet. Or you can lay in bed and watch the tropical fish schooling around the coral beneath you through a glass floor (my husband enthusiastically prefers the later).

If the word of mouth is the best advertisement, for the French Restaurant it might work even better if this mouth is full of Beef Bourguignon. The French cuisine wizard Jean-Georges Vongerichten recently opened on Bora Bora the Lagoon – his newest endeavor. What the star chief creates there is much closer to an art than to meal and has to be enjoyed as such.

With out of this world sense of tranquility and scent of Tiare flowers to rival the designers perfume this place is as close to haven as you can get to it without doing anything extreme.
Ia Orana and Welcome to the place created by Gods.

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