My name is Marina Leonov and if it sounds suspiciously Russian that’s exactly what it is. My background could be described as “Ukrainian born … Russian speaking … American living … Jewish being… ”. 

 I wish I could say I was born to be a Travel Consultant, but where I grew up – the former Soviet Union – this profession didn’t exist. I had to come a long way through the number of European countries to get to United States, so it should count as an educational trip to become a travel professional.

 I do have the European University degree, but I have learned so many various things since that time: a new language, the new skills, a new geography and a new life style. Even history on the other side of the world happened to be strikingly different. 

 At some point of my life I had a job and a lifestyle of the Information Technology  professional.  Being an IT consultant had taught me a lot of great habits. One of them is a habit to check everything twice and then again. I really don’t expect my clients to care how much time I’ve spent going through their travel schedule, verifying every detail but their comments “Everything worked as a Swiss watch” to me sounds like a Nobel Prize in travel advisors category.

Currently I run the boutique travel firm that specializes in Celebration Travel packages: travel to commemorate a distinctive – once in a life time – moment or event that deserves a special recognition. For 10 years we provide for our clients a unique travel experience making a celebration of the milestone birthdays, anniversaries and family reunions flawless and unforgettable. Sometime it requires real magic, so I often feel like Fairy Grandmother’s business partner.

We offer what no on-line agency will do: ask the right questions, anticipate problems, make recommendations and give you the ability to compare different options. None of them will promote or recommend the competitors, even if their product would suite you better. My service will help you to make informative decision in very serious matter – your family most valuable time. And best of all – I really like this part – without any additional cost.

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